To the Distant land

I wonder not where those days have gone when times were not mandatory and we fought for not fighting, there comes a day in my memory where things were as easy as making vermicelli and we ate them together praying grace into it. My small footsteps and thoughts of assurances, I have felt the hope of acquiring them. You have been a wonderful part of my existence, reminding me of my responsibility, for myself and towards the core where we belong.
I suppress, the feeling of yourself
The rude and arrogant, but quite and poise
Your smiles and touch, I hold them
Tight and amorously,
I require that part of yours which had me
We both have something in common
A bit of me quiches inside
Bites me outside in
And then leaves me unaltered

I have finally learned to let go and suppose myself lucky to have you with me to grow up with. Like the Marriott of cassata and then I finally found out that why mongoose never come home time, they love to explore the unhindered deserts and I discovered why big leaves shed early irrespective of the fact that they are challenging themselves most of the time and I have created my diary to replenish the lie.
I lay down in the bed, I stare at the empty racks of books, I fill them and smell you in them, in some happy endings and in some clairvoyant techniques, and you have been around till the eternity.
I have finally tracked the colors and how they change themselves to energy, they find ways to play with each other, mingle and generate kinetic forces unless they find back their potential and transient. All together to the semaphores of voices and smells, the hope rely on each other, wonderful!
I prescribe myself the doses of curiosity to the most abundant lands of Disney, occurring to the courage of sacrificing my will to consider your possessively acquired mind. Your hands and your soul to the way through heart have reached me some way around.
We still make the story best to fit into the asylum but in somewhere deep inside the other land, it’s still real, somewhat real.


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