For the Happy Unity

“You haven’t asked how I am, how I am doing, and you say you love me”
“And you care about that? You think I haven’t asked you this? I don’t talk to you? I talk to you all the time. Even with my eyes closed and senses perpetuated, paralyzed, I talk to you all my time.”…”look I know there is a distance between us and that only you see, I don’t see this, I don’t see any disunity between us, you are always near me, in everything I do, anywhere I go. I don’t have proofs for it but if you can really feel me, my heart and the love I have for you, you probably have never to ask me that again”
“….” I am sorry, I love you, I just wanted to talk and fighting is the only way when you do that, said her eyes, pretty little liars.
She grabbed her head upside down in no acceptance to this fact, but he was honest, his eyes spoke it, eyes never lie.
Time flew and they fought every day and he kept explaining. Their relation bounded into marriage and then they became parents now they fight on how one should choose a diaper, their kids being confused to enjoy this entertainment, laughing their giggles out and it solves most of the everybody’s life.
Happy forever after.


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