The Mail

I am felling angry, so so so… damn angry and I don’t know how to express this, how to express everything that everyone thinks of me and how I even bother without taking ears on it. Now you will give me verities of explanation on how I should not bother it, but believe me I am not bothering them they are bothering me, they are different. Partially fighting back the world who thinks on you differently, the latency to work with them reduces since no matter how much you try they will think what they want to and that gives your work a little unfair comments. Then there will come another phrase saying ‘we must keep doing what we are doing, no matter what’. Literally? Like literally?

I am tired, I so so so damn tired. Auch! Even my brain is sticking up with unnecessary ignorance, dear brain hold on, just another blog and we both shall take rest, never mind.

Offshores and there are so much I have to deal with within a blink, this is how every super hero saving the world goes through. No body understood Sai baba but freaking him, he never cared so, never mind.

Never mind what? My mind? Well it grabs sneak peeks of tiredness and jumps of sleep. I am stuck with relatives, I don’t know why and who and from on the planet they come from, we share almost same blood from ancestors and I don’t find them familiar. Rather I find few other people better close to me.

Anyway, anyhow the night has passed and I am alive, so damn alive! I don’t understand if I really have to be thankful for it because I have fought with dozens of people some unanswered and some really torn apart.

No this is not a moon cycle changes mood swings, it is that kind of mood origination where it gets frustrated with the thoughts other people hold. What kind of world I am breathing in? No matter how much I try to make them realize love is the answer and love is the way, they will end up making me feel unloved and unworthy.

Time to breathe in, time to fly. And then a phone call makes it time to die.

In certainty of all that it was going I came across a mail, a fan mail from long awaited courtesy. A fan mail? For me? Like a fan mail it subjected? From an admirer?

What it sounds like? I finished up reading and I desired to have an autograph from him, seriously. You will find it why


Sorry I did not put ma’am as obligation, I will not reveal my age but I am sure you are younger to me, no delay for the appreciation you have brought to my life. I am thankful for your write up, they are elevating, everyday morning I wait for ‘your’ subject to pop up in my reminder, and it is like that kind of injection I give to patients who are dying. We are subjected to be bothered and we don’t understand life many a times, well I am wrong and in some cases you are wrong. We all see the life with our eyes and whatever comes under those 180 degrees of observation is just life for us, look behind another 180 degrees of life awaiting us.

I don’t know how to tell you but your posts not only gives me life but it takes away my lethargy, I don’t have any idea why, may be reading is poise and you have immense love into whatever you write, many people can relate to it, you feel so calm and derivative, I hope this is not what I am describing you. I have found out nothing about you, none of your post describes you better, unless I knew you personally. Pardon me for that, I was just trying to find out how you look like, how you sound like, how you talk or smile, just a pretty imagination.

You solemnly must be thinking why I am writing this.

I don’t know.

Not sure.

Just in case I haven’t found you writing every day, please do it, please write every day, every quarter of the day, my days starts with them, I read most of them many times a day,repeating them in a loop, every time I am drawing into something and it is exactly what I wanted to know, read or do. Write more about universe and intentions you used to write, like all those stories you made.

They are better versions of your write up, don’t get afraid if people judge you with that, sooner everybody will fall in love with you, with what you do.

Thank you, I am having my breakfast and waiting for your reply, even an reply will be read again and again, and by the way I would really like to feel how you smile after reading this, how it feels to see you smile and writing another post dedicating to this authenticate fan of yours.





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