The brave feminine

Around the corner of some dynasty was one

Such long hairs with strong roots

A girl was born to be the next seat holder

She was trained and found out to be the king

Neither was she afraid of something or someone

Neither did she frightened any

Her rules were simple and she followed them

One fine day someone noticed her

Her beautiful skin that smelled fresh

Her stretched eyes those has lions dancing inside

A masculine energy that could not bear to lose her

Without having her either in any form

There was a war, massive death

War to win over her, war to prove her defeat

War to grab her, make her kneel

She won, she won, and she won

The guy fell in love,

She fell in love,

Years later their relationship she was defeated

The masculine energy smiled a grin

He finally made her on knees

Her hairs messed, legs folded, all her energy gone

The oldest form of revenge though love made her dis-loved

She held her knife close to skin and wrote something

One fine day there is sun, there she is

And the masculine energy kneeled down

She won, she won and she won

In all right ways.


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