Blessed to Have You

How often do we meet people who make our lives little easy and just a gesture from them makes our heart light, eyebrows relaxed and removes creases from our forehead, we all are fortunate enough to meet at least one such person in our lives, or else we wouldn’t have been sitting here reading this, I am telling you, there is a reason why we all meet, at some point of time, some reminds us of our childhood or just a person we used to be before joining our jobs and retiring ourselves with those sleepless nights, we all have been to various phases of life, and we all regret for something or many things. We all… And today I want to confess how much blessed I am to have you.

Even if you throw you stone you never mind, I miss you and you understand, you have been more of my girlfriend in back-biting and I seriously still hate your laughs at my miseries. You make fun of me every time I fall and shamelessly never come to help me, only you think I am not-so-fat and it is all right to have a curvy body with chubby cheeks, apart from how you tell me why it is logical for you to have fair skin and I have a dark and ultimately narrating me Krishna stories makes no sense sometimes.

We have shared night less nights and countless stars counting on our false stories, we conform each other to the origin of reality.

I have already fallen in love with a crease of not marrying you, unless you stop behaving like a dog all the time.

I have seen you waiting for me, I have seen you cry in movies and I must say you have a sensitive heart no matter how much cool you try to sound. I love the embrace on the sea shore and how we capture beautiful romantic moments, where does everything goes when you are around. Part of me is always searching for you in everything, every alternative day when you are away for your work which seriously should be taken care of, I miss you, all my world collapses and I could sense there is another world around, eyes and nose, breathing air, vaginas and penis, so much but they are all strangers, they are simply not so commercial to be taken care of. . when I look around and don’t have you while I think of things that possible I missed, nothing appears to me, your face, just your face keeps me going, not that I feel you are handsome or something but because it reminds me of you, your everything, I can’t explain you what I am trying to explain but I am surely in verifying stage of missing you to all the core, you my sunny hot pants, I am here to take care of everything you go through praying that it never happens.

Apart your red nose and white skin that you endeavor you have pretty good black hairs and I hate your chewing mouth with fresh mint all the time, try to be sober instead, years have passed and you have gifted me your best part this year, around my birthday when you finally threw your smoking for me, how could I go so lucky.

I am blessed to have you, and… by the way, you are pretty handsome, I have to agree.


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