Let us Talk about Love

What haven’t changed yet is my memory, the sound, poise and peaceful one. Together the journey sounded outstanding and to forth there is a daily basis struggling with the sailing to the harbor. You are the best memory among them, you have this idea, I know. I came across mills to distinguish between the fact of ecstasy and how the aroma of finding you in every pages of your letters. Between the submerged catastrophe and aligning machinery of truth, you exist. Somewhere between all the hurdles and fire camps you are still there. Our beautiful school days, the caramel chocolate cream cake, your picky nose, soft hands, everything into the blink of night. Probably the best memory I always hold is of yours and I like it that way.

Occasional to the fact of leaving this country soon hinders me with those memories again, I want t get back to this feeling, I want to rearrange us together, in winter night, our first kiss and your touch. I am not much comfortable talking about you to anybody, telling them how much beautiful that crap sounds now, around the corner we have grown up and so have you in some plane of the world. You are not lost just a bit rehearsed. I know one fine day, the sun will shine a bright beautiful crush, blush when you and I meet again, and our bodies release souls to target the fascination of ecstasy. You must miss me, I wonder if it is true because this is the only thing that I remember makes me going.

Your lovely pink shirt you wore, preached beautiful smile and glowing hugs, the embraces we shared and all those promises that still held us, I am never going to forget them, they are treasuries, they are beautiful,

Every day I wake up, I wish it should be the day when I could meet you again, re write our story in a better way and never let it end, why is it important, I have no idea but this is all I think about every day. Soon my time here at India would end with a happy summing up, I will return back to my country, where I am born, truly but this country is what my origin is, its where my love is, its where I belong, I will return back with you here, I promise and I will take you with me.

Surely, someone is writing for us, may be some good time, I could hold you again, listen to the waves, warm myself in your clutch and feel safer like I had never before. Someday I could forget about morons I met while searching you, someday I could forgive myself for believing in them, someday I could just forget about all shits I created just to find you again, that someday may be now, may be this is all that moment I have been waiting for, I have no idea on that.

Listening to various stories and telepathic informations, I have concluded that how beautiful ay story can go, could go and will remain same forever. I miss those rainy bliss, cold breeze and feeling of holding you tight in those memories.

When I get back to our city, I must fill myself with those very beautiful words you said, could smell the perfumes you gargled with and could just listen to the deep safe breathes. Can you be a favor to me then?

Thank you for bringing me back to home when I almost ran into a wave of pitches, thank you for not pitying me with those terrifying memories, I miss our supermarket tours, the understanding, and the deep faith.

You have taught me love, to hope and to never give upon something that makes me happy, I don’t know how much that cost but I owe you my whole life, I hope this is enough for something that I could pay you with, I so, so, so, briefly but excitedly miss all your grins, your snores and nose.

You, honey, the beautiful fantasy made me realize how beautiful it is to forgive broken heads and more or less to forget broken hearts, away from the temple on the same route to the original variety of your foot prints, I would love to walk barefoot with stilettoes in my hands, I would love to be in my wedding gown to trace every ingle way you reached just to stay with you, hold you and care for you, each day just to meet you again and again.

My holy shit, you are the only reason I smile back at strangers, may be someone among them is sent by you, just to make my day better.

Allow me to tell you some of those people and events I came across around the days and probably years, I have been finding ways to tell you everything that I came across, not making so much out of it but certain mistakes, guilt, lessons and moving on, probably I will make a good myself out of all the rages and stop discussing my life to random people. Of all the beauties that I have had shared  in my profile pictures, the beautiful minds I discuss  the very important topic of ‘sleeping 8 hours daily’, my colleagues, nurses, doctors, and family.. You!

I want to tell you how much my love grew in previous years for you, how much that meant have made difference to my life, welcome back, I know you are already here.


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