The closed doors

Allowing today to manifest your goals, we make no sense to certain senses. Diligent metaphors of life have different meanings for people across the world, some of the existing tribes we are not aware of. The jungles of Madonna has this one kind of tribal that lives the abundance without the care of origination of greed. There is an equal share of money each time someone loses it outside their tribes. They push each other to the limit of humbleness that they are surmounted by no anger and technology. Their technology is still telepathy and inner listening. They hold laptops but no electronic waves to disturb their vibes. In order to make love they emphasize the true grins of pure and unconditional scenes. Recently when I visited them I felt the world it used to be eternity ago. It felt home.

Some may call them under privileged to hold the eccentricity to live their fort-rums but they have proved many scientist wrong. Their ways of researching hold a metaphysical variable, they have their research centers and they try not to reveal their facts to the world.

When people from there, visits outside of their tribes they have immediate headaches. When found the reason it was told it is because of those mixed emotions everyone shares. Has a point.

More or less there have been true mitigation of information exchange.

People love each other and they uplift someone who is drawn to the outside world.


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