Tell me a story you want to Live

What do you want to do today? Tell me I am all ears.

Do you want to break free and feel the divine? Do you want to be a millionaire at the tipping instance?

Or do you want to fall in love? The natural flow of someone’s presence that gives us strength to achieve anything we want, the protective arms and shoulders to punch, the feeling of being with someone who never judges, do you want to forgive everything? Do you want to move on?

What life is all about? I don’t know but what life is, for me, is this moment, this today, another day, no matter how much we try, make machines, travel history, this day is all it is about. To the grins of extent or to the lasting variables, this day is all it is about.

If you love someone, go tell them, if it hurts, cry, if you are sad please eat something, if there is something you could not achieve know that there is a bigger thing set for you, prepare for it.

It is all in this moment, the feeling, the love and everything, this is all it is about, know it or not, believe it or not, this is just it is.



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