Show me that You Care

Not that I don’t understand you, not that I have never felt your cozy presence, not that I appreciate your schedule, not that I don’t know that you love me, not that…

But sometime it is good to say, sometimes it is good to express, sometimes your calls remind me of myself and sometimes I want you to tell me ‘my place in your existence’, how much is my contribution to make you the person you are.

Sometimes, kiss me on my cheeks and not willing to touch me in other ways, tell me that you really love me, even when you are busy, you are late or feeling tired.

Tell me how much it takes you to be with me and still you want to make some time for me, sometimes I want this feeling forever.

Whenever I bring you coffee, I want you to taste the aroma of love I have made it with, not ignoring my hands, hold them, kiss them and just grab me into your embrace.

Sometimes, I want you to text me all day long, pull my cheeks and taunt me on being chubby, sometimes I want you to tell me that it is all right not to be lean and it is wonderful to be ‘me’.

I don’t know if this is a wish making machine, but if there is a way, and someone is listening, I want to feel rejuvenated every time you look at me with those eyes, your stretched black eyes, cute puppy smile and your round face, almost carved to square.

I might not demand you this, but if I am close to you, I really want you to make a move and ask me for a date again, reminding our initial days.

I want you to call me often, without reason, just to hear how my voice sounds, predict my mood as I do to you. Sometimes I want you to talk on how I want my professional life to be, how you want me to succeed as I do for you, sometimes I want you to pray for me often, I maybe struggling from something I am not able to share.

Sometimes when I ask you which color should I wear today, I want you to explain me why I should choose it. Sometimes I want you to understand me more than it takes me to understand you.

I know you don’t express easily. I know you love me more than I am feeling it right now, can we make it simpler? Just love, no compromises or anxiety, just us.


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