Miracle Within Her

Her hairs messed but her life almost solved at the moment of what she nearly discovered, she laughed, she kept laughing. Different voices coming from the balcony of her house, her mother bit worried yet astonished at how her daughter is home at 6 p.m. evening and not wanting to go out, it has been years she is spending time at home. As a responsible parent she left her aside knowing that there are different phases of a teen, she allowed her daughter to be at her peak.

She kept listening to her from the kitchen, worried she called her mother and then her sisters, asking for guidance, in a while her husband appeared and was equally shocked finding his darling daughter finally home.

She was laughing uncontrollably, past 8 p.m. and her mother was daring not to disturb her, she knew, deep down something was wrong, was that a right time to approach her since the last time she interfered her life that was the last time her daughter talked to her, it is always an indirect conversation like ‘papa, tell your wife I will be late’. As a mother she never mind it, it definitely had hurt her but she was comfortable with the changes, she tried to apologies.

‘hey, dinner’ she took grab of balcony window and found her daughter lying her legs outside in swing through bars on the railing of the balcony, she looked terrible, she looked at her and a drop of tear fell from one side of her cute chubby face.

Hours passed and she kept her mother hugged tight, her feelings were dwelling she has no idea on what was all going on, what to believe, who to trust.

She finally was home but with torn soul and patted body, scares on her body were visible, her dark patches were visible, as if she has been sent to brothel for years in search of the love she thought was her life.

Days passed and she did not share anything to anyone, none of her feeling, extremely nothing, things seemed normal but they seemingly were not, things went worst inside. It reflected on her grades, she was disturbed, more or less she was been surrounded by poisonous snakes, all those who knew her secrets, all those who knew how gracefully talented she is, who knew how to strike her to break her down.

Kneeling down to the orthodox camp of life, she joins her hand, unaware of who she is addressing this, she cried out, she knew there was so much happening and there must be some power who knows everything, she cried till she fell asleep.

She woke up with miracle that day, and never looked back.


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