That Guy from my City


Firmly you will know but he has got so much to tell you, he is my kind of person and has so much inside to gulp and furnished. I find him interesting because he narrates me stories. More or less he is the guy of his choice.

He does not understand something that I have been noticing in him, he is talkative but now a days his silence is mere an object to appreciate. Sometimes when he calls I feel how long I should go to tell him, but when we start he takes me to worlds apart. Since ages he has been waiting for someone who could really understand what he dreams for, not that he never met anyone but his desires are different. He dreams for the occasional multiplicative variations, his mind makes me wonder how stiff one could travel to enhance the potential to find the answers, not that he is curious but over excited. I wonder what he must be looking like when I crack a joke, I wonder if his laughs are the genuine. Like everyone he is trying to cope up the speed, he wants to slow down but just in one condition ‘that the world should walk behind him’, he has a point though.

He is narrative, excited but what makes me curious about him is those things that he himself never understand about himself.

Just a bit of my precautions to remind him what he is and what he can do.

Tell me how much it makes sense to you, to feel your breathe over cellphones, pardon me if I am exacerbating, but there is a feeling how I relate my life to every story you tell me, may be because we are brought up in the same land. Lately that you know I have been following you, to seek and tell you how wrong you have went then, I tried to send you messages when we were kids just to tell how you should stay away from those girls you met, how you should avoid sharing your feelings with your guy friends who were common to my brother’s. I wanted to tell you that someone was making you a bad guy, you never noticed me. I really don’t remember our first meet that was stupid that I remember, and I acted weird in front of you.

I remember you asked me to drop me home, I don’t know I felt you were a nice guy, I denied because my brother has been waiting for me other side of the lane. I hesitated meeting you after that because we all were grown-ups. I thought you knew what was right for us.

Years went and memories faded, suddenly you re-appeared and as I always say ‘there is a reason why we meet people at certain time at certain space of the world’, slightly modifying, I met my happiness again, there will be seasons of reasons, but I won’t thank you for it, we were destined. I occasionally afraid loosing you but then I know, in some case I might leave you and move on! But it will never be you to do that.

I don’t know how much my presence has effected you, but you have made me the person I was, now when I smile I know that there is a kid inside me in soul to smile like that, I dress well, I walk and talk to people because I know that you are there, your sticking to me in everything reminds me of good things I did to someone that brought me you.

There is a lot to tell but something I better leave for time to realize.

I love you my charm, you are the best thing that could have happened to me.

Thank you.



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