That influencing Night




I might probably have beautiful stanzas to narrate but what I hold today is a beautiful piece of art. Thy by the sense of clarity about the eccentricity of the world. We all are energy dragger and we live with it, the parasite who gym around with its life from other’s life. It is probably just a story but much of it is speaking hard with the moments of associated notifications. Life would be much easy if we stop choosing from at least people.

Above all when I talk about the characteristics of choosing people into our lives we ignore the best part of theirs when we hold on the trophy of not revealing us to everyone. But, it is true, it is true that some people talk just to feel how you feel, just to get what you have and they try to find ways to get it, you are just their sun, chlorophyll and water. They live on you to grow, but is it wrong? Aren’t we all doing the same? Damn! Same?

Deciding the better way out of it is to clarify which and what to govern.

Scenario for a happy life and never ending promises.


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