Let it Speak

It is important to feel and more than that it is necessary to express those feelings. To enhance your feelings, to feel that something inside is smiling, something inside is screaming and something inside is silent. It is important to tell yourself that it is unnecessary to hide those feelings, anger and frustrations, the ego, the eccentric smile and hope. It is truly hopeless to keep aside the desire to express, to build up your expressions, the unsaved signs of the universe. The winds could hear you; let it feel you, so that it can draw you right, to the right place, at right time. Love makes you feel lovely, anger makes you feel angry and unassigned desires makes you feel frustrated and the most damaging feeling that kills you is when you don’t express, it is not that you cannot but you don’t want to. Do it, set aside the fear of judgments, nobody will do it without your consent, set aside the ashamed naked wearable, just feel and express, to the empty doors of your house, to the winds, to the water and to yourself, many falling wings of your’s will reshape its natural beauty. Know that love finds its way only when you can feel and can express.


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