Signs of beginning of an abusive relationship: characteristics and fundamentals:

Things never change, they just get better. After an abusive relationship when scares are the memories and every day that mirror reminds me of my right decision over period of time, I concluded that it could be a great research topic, after all I experienced it to the depth of practical level. Some signs these people will make contributes more or less a normal being.


Signs of beginning of an abusive relationship: characteristics and fundamentals:


  1. These people are highly possessive, don’t get attracted to their trap.
  2. At initial they will make sure they have got no work to do other than texting and calling you.
  3. They prefer voice calling rather texting because they want to hear you to make sure you don’t lie, they know they are.
  4. They befriend your friends, relatives and especially best friends.
  5. They will strike your fears and hold your guilt so that you can be controlled.


After trying out the good side of their love, even if takes them years to impress you and get hold on you, their basis need is their ego and they will do anything to bring you into control.

All they need is their satisfaction, once you are weak they attack.

Once under attack, one cannot come out of it unless been suffered for at least 24 hours.

After coming out of such relationship one is more confident, strong and successful.


How to find that it is turning abusive:

  1. Suddenly the change of voice.
  2. Ignoring your comments in any media to reply others.
  3. Asking you to make out even if you are not in any way to.
  4. Call you unnecessarily especially when you say ‘you are busy’.
  5. Fighting with you and once you give up they say ‘fights are the way to love’.
  6. Frequently reminding you what is their favorite food and why you should change your taste.
  7. Gets restless when you are out with your friends.
  8. Calls you even if you said you want to sleep.
  9. Someone being too sweet to you.
  10. Ask for your personal account details and password, for them it is how a relationship should go.
  11. Constantly reminds you of your mistakes from past, discusses about you to their friends and relatives.
  12. Their friends contacting you to be nice to them since for them they care a lot.
  13. Threatens you in the name of your family.
  14. Suddenly forces you to stop everything you loved (including painting).
  15. Makes you realize you are nothing without them.

How to get out of it:

  1. Know that you are important because everyone of us is.
  2. Remember your mother or your kids or anyone you felt connection with, how they treat you.
  3. You need not punish yourself for choosing someone wrong.
  4. Never ever try to work on it, some things are meant to be let go.
  5. Always know that there is a better way out there, someone better, or just you, yourself.
  6. Things could be made better once left without much efforts.
  7. Love yourself, come on, you need yourself.
  8. Always keep yourself busy and if thoughts come out, come out and have a chocolate bar.
  9. Go to gym, get new hair style, get new dresses, add new features to your resume, ear well and spend on yourself, go for a walk, talk to stranger, believe that better people are out there, because they are really out there.
  10. Send unconditional love to your loved ones.
  11. Pray and have faith.

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