The best way to get out of someone

There are few feelings we all hold, the good part in us does not allow us to sneak peak into the real feelings. we carry, we carry and one day we die, because telling them truth sounds rude.

Let us do one thing, set inside one, tell whatever you want to say, don’t open your mouth, close your eyes, tell them anything they deserve to listen and throw them out.

does it feel light?


good, you just threw a package of disease that it could have brought you though anger or any other lower feeling.


Now i tell you something, after this good release you will never bother them and their thoughts won’t bother you.

You are free, you simply set yourself free.

Note: 1. It is fine to be angry, that doesn’t make you bad.

2. It is completely fine to bitch someone inside head, sometimes it is all you need.

3. Self Respect is your responsibility, if someone strikes it, don’t forgive 😉 .

4. Be nice after you release all those emotions bothering you since then.




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