True Convention

The careless part of you is very careful. I can sense the irritation it makes with anything that annoys me, the mother nurtures inside you and there is no capable love to compose you into words. You are special Honey! There is no other way that describes you. A little of everything is within and that one word that defines you in my perspective is so deep that it cannot be formed but I can feel it. If you can feel my words, come connect your strings and get it transferred, let not world know it but you should. I feel it is important to make you fall in love again and again so that you can start over with my little issues every day, alone you cannot think of big ones counting on how I will bother another day. I feel thankful for your love and existence to my life, when in shivering nights I am afraid of dark a little ray of light comes from your text, I know you have left sleepless nights with me. You took my things granted, I wish you did. Aww.. I wish you did. You took everything so deliberately serious that today I feel that I walk form you, it is hard to configure my love for you and there might be days when I will get irritated with your over protective shield, carry on with me and be the same.

I remember the tale last night, just after I hurt myself in anger, the guilt already ate my mind and I could not cry, you called me, you asked forgiveness for not being around at the situation. Don’t you feel I have some responsibilities for my feelings too? Don’t you feel that there is a reason why I have become so but please make sure next time my feelings are troubling you are here.

I love you, may be never like you did but somehow no comparison for it, it hurts when you think so much for me.


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