Ethnic Thoughts

Across the bars when I am trying to make some changes to my reoccurring dreams

I am so heavenly indulged with your senses to re configure the origination of sudden hear breaks

I hold onto the god’s chaos because the music is very peaceful at times and then god himself appears to me

I coordinate along the ways to make sure that it only me walking my way and I should disturb anyone for their mercy

Along the way I meet strangers, get connected and forget to break the strings, it hurts and it always do, it always will

Making certain choices of promises and then hindering the global values of configuring them into physical sciences

I am so in love with everything I do

Slowly I will take chances to learn more and grow, I have certain promises to fulfill and then I will walk my own footprints from heaven

Once when everything is done I should be proud of being peaceful and content and never complaint my judgments for myself

I will one day survive this mounds and make my own story, I will re-read them to myself every time I feel more love and in need of more care


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