Why everything is the way it is



No chance.

The answer is very simple, not because it has to be but because there is a reason behind everything that it is and it should be, I don’t know the definite reason for what you are searching for but the search ends here because the continuous over coming situations reciting itself over and over again has to tell you something and it should knock you again and again unless you learn from it, stop there!

Hey you,

I know you have opened this because you needed to know why everything that is happening around is the way it is and very few of you have opened this to have a look at the title, all in now, it is what it has to be.

Meta-physically it is very simple to understand the concept and that after the shift of recent solar changes and vibrational energy shift of earth’s acceptance we have grown to the level of understanding and we are building our nourishment over the significant manipulations.

For a moment there can be thing that is not answerable but it has something to tell us. The wind, the weather, the love or something else has something to tell us. Is this what I have been creating all these years? Or is it that if I go through this, end this and see my creation waiting next door.

The answer is here if you can sense.


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