The universe that walks with us parallel



The whole universe works on unison it sings and retrieves its most powerful weapons to the rocks it has polished and it has right ways to justify it though eventually we the human perspective minds couldn’t understand its powerful justifications in many cases and yet we are right in our ways. We make sense to the catastrophic matrices of our lives and our judgments, somehow that makes sense. All around the criteria to rectify this divisional gap between each of our thinking capacities there are forming worlds behind every thought we created, we make real value sums and we make things on a higher value planes to work on the critical manipulation. We make our thinking capacities to the extent that we don’t feel the expansion of our thoughts, we can see things without even seeing them in physical, we can feel them without even touching them and there are theories that work beyond our conscious understanding. More or less the mind works in the way it has to and that works equally for everyone eventually with the condition that only few can interpret what it conveys.

Making it little more interesting the facts suggests that along the planetary visions and acceptance of our greater understating there are expansion of every explanation, every single thought and even what it will pursue in the future, the human brain may be complicated but it reveals the consistency of being immortal, the verification of staying along the route and believing that there is some higher power justifies with the fact that muscles doesn’t carry these information unless there is a source to store all those memories for ages and generation and till eternity. There are concepts of parallel world and there are many man accepted facts as well but the truth is countless and everyone must have one with them, the world is expanding its wings to carry the understanding at greater value only at the condition that we are ready to receive this big change.

Let us hope for the best.


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