At the efficiency of a topper


How often do I have to hear this “she made it top colleges in the country”, yeah, I agree , then even I made to the country’s top college, a year late but I did, but she did “a year ago, she is a year ahead of you” who said that? Who decides that? Just because someone went there a year ago doesn’t make her futuristic.

I tell you what I have learnt in this year of idealness. I saw how it takes for a tree to reap into its fruits. I love gardening and that gave me time to activate my desire to see flowers bloom and shed the unwanted. I know it must be hard for my parents to accept the fact that I have slowed down myself, but that doesn’t make me ideal. I am learning, earlier I used to learn from books and infect I mugged them up, I still know page numbers and their contents but that never gave me happiness, not always this gives you happiness. Thank god for such an understanding parents I have got who got no shame on my decision to allow down and understand life.

Since the day I went to school I never bothered to fail and may be that gave me courage to win, I kept on winning and I never looked back. It was back then in my first year of pre-college when most of the students were making their memories I found I never had friend, I never had time to initialize my hobbies or I never had bunking memories, I never made fun of teachers, but then it was my choice. All of a sudden teen chemicals struck my mind and I started to see things seriously and then I guess I made it to depression. Suddenly things were just opposite to what it used to be and I couldn’t think a way out to it.

I slowed down and I stopped taking my names out of toppers, I failed the test because for once I wanted to, maybe I chose it late and that too when degree and percentage would have counted all my life long, I still have a regret but when I look back on my own decision and understand where my time was invested I feel proud of it. I have read thousands of books, I made friends, some life time memories so that when I die I should never have a regret that I never tried it intentionally to protect myself from the rules that never entertained me. Today I know I am grown up and my desires are running fast but I know how to handle my speed, feel the wind and enjoy the nature, yet being successful in my context is when I am good to my country, when my presence make difference to what I thought never worked out well. The world is still beautiful; I just want to add some charm to it, no competition, no hurrying up, slowly and steadily.


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