Kind it be, simple

Sometimes I don’t want to write, I don’t want to explain, I want to be heard and be understood, no judgement and no paragraphs on how any life should be, the definition of love and beauty and the right way to write, write way to walk and etiquettes to adore and love. I want to fall in love without another person getting involved in it, want to taste the variety of loving policies and then just simply be myself without efforts, walk out conventionally and simply do not bother for the rest of my life, I want to make sure that the life makes effort to do best but I don’t want to force myself all the time to become someone I never wanted to see, I want to sit in some corner of the library, notice everybody and try to peep outside the window panels to create wonderful memories for the moment.

I want to go back to my childhood, write passages on roads and kiss the walls, I want to eat charcoal and brush my tong at the fresh wet soil, smell the rain, feel it to the core.

I want to erase the memories of hatred, the carefree winds and potentially want to understand that sleeping is my hobby not just the need. Lying on the bed I want to dream high and want to see them realize in real world, I want to achieve high but before it I want to sit with my family, eat with them, talk nonsense and laugh at our stupid confessions. I want to reach the winds, touch rainbow once, explore amazon rain forest in shorts and bag pack of potato chips and a can of Coca-Cola with my someone very special.

I want to traverse the sky, fly my own copta, and own a doraemon with a magical pocket, having a fairy god mother would even do.

I want to roll my wand and clean the memories of fight so that friends I used to have with love could come back to me and hug me tight, I wouldn’t mind them apologizing to me  ;).

Then I have some bitter relationship experience, I want to change it with I never met such guys and no such people exists in this world and every girl is safe in her plane, I do have siblings but most of them(everyone) are busy, I want to celebrate our time together, I know things have changed and with time we must grow up and except it, it is not easy for me to move on, I cant bind up new without having my good pals into my own memories, I want to except this fact and believe that everything will be fine, may be the next now.


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