You used to wait for me for lunch, dinner and I came late because I was hanging around with my friends after my coaching classes, had I understood that you were waiting, got Danny I swear I would have left everything just to be with you. Now you not around. It makes me feel uncomfortable and sometimes miserable, it takes me time to realize that it’s fine not to have you all the time, you are in me anyways. The world I as it should be, perfectly stupid sometimes but it’s fine I have you with me anyways. From heaven you must be seeking some prayers to make me a good girl someday. I know I talk a bit more than needed and I can’t help it, sometimes all I need is someone to hug me tight but here in India you can’t hug people so easy, it is other way around. Well then I talk I make stories and I lie and then people leave me. I wait and I cry and then someone else comes. I seek you and my lost friends in them, I expect them to be nice but it’s not equal with everyone, I have cool lot of friends around me and anyway mayank is there all his feet up for me always, he makes me feel home.
Thank you for watching me over.
I miss you and I love you so much

Much was needed
But I got much more than that
Today when I see stars
I understand the world with your eyes..
The love you ponder is hovering everywhere
I don’t know how you do that
But I guess it’s the only reason the love is here


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