It is to be

When was the last time I felt really lonely, when my best friend and I had a fight and we had not sorted out it for this long and around two next days it took me to realize the truth that we are grown up and it’s unless I go and mingle he was not in any grab to come to me. Two days passed and I figured out its all gone, he has finally grown up enough to move on. He apparently got a new girlfriend that night itself,God knows from where she was born at a half day time I have never found her in our company before, but not just that I was jealous, I was sad, desperate and comparatively unbearable with myself. My exams were over head and my family’s expectations were right on my previous stats but all my mind brain heart soul was with him, his one apology yet I wait no time and texted him, I called him but no luck.
I realized something that day, if it’s that easy for them to move on why do we wait? May be we are bit mor emotional than them but yet there is a big world so many good people, I guess we can get some good company out there. If not human then nature of not nature then self.
Keep going, lord loves you, forgive yourself you did nothing wrong in his eyes, forgive all they did nothing wrong in his eyes, love and love.
Happy Easter


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