Singing the Song of the Music

Music is magical, magnificent; it is simply M-U-S-I-C.

every part of the music sings its own story, sometimes for us, sometimes for the one who wrote it, music is there when we breathe, we smile and talk, the nature has its own glory of finding ways to submerge the real essence of living, music is not just fascinating but life giving.

I will tell you something, that nobody has ever tried to tell you,


IT MAKES ME DANCE TO MY FLEET, jump like a frog and hop like a hopper, it simply brings the wild side of mine creating nuisance with the reality of facts, playing hard to the core, it pulls out original version of my existence, music is such a naughty fellow.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, leaving me with hours of thinking protocols. It forces me to create some stories, it helps me visualize and then leave me smiling for no cause, music is clever and such a procrastinated being, it laughs with you, makes you cry and plays with your emotions. Dwelling into seasonal variations to the breakup issues, romantic nights to sleepless memories of depart, music was there, it was there, it is, it always will. Music is such an honest friend.

Music speaks to us in a language that only heart can compile and understand, though the mind is the decoder yet the real essence of music can be accomplished with its existence only, the ultimate pain dissolver and the one quite best friend each night, when the eyes are about to close and a deep dream awaits us to awaken it, music holds our hand  and take us to the journey of colonic, to the far distant highlands where snow is no less hotter than sun, where language is only pre-nominal factorial of living where  life exists its own way, where anger and hatred are just the cause and the effects of little fight which ends up making a cuddle.

The curiosity of its each phase, the vibration of its memorization, the feelings associated with each line and the story behind each lyric, music sometimes makes sense, to every senseless heart, to every heartless feeling, to every night, to every passing lover, to everyone who has tasted the natural feeling of being alive.


Make me thy music, the song your son

Make me the reason to pull over

And heat me to your plum.

Make me the song of your music

Make me thy night

Leave everything today

Just hold me tight…


“When I think of music, I think of you, I think of the glory of listening you, your voice, and your talking lips, your scribing throat and light signs of lyric that we have built through all our memories, the feeling of being your cuddling bug, the ensuring essence, and your trustworthy pillar makes me feel weak and strong as the same time, it makes me feel special. With each of your unintentional touch and each of your kisses, it made me feel the words even deeper. Every time we met, every day we grew is just a hidden part of my best times that I merely share. Some songs describe it better.”



This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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