When you don’t have a mUM

Everybody around you just passes by

And you see none

It is just a crowd of scary people

When you don’t have a mum

You know you exist but

You probably want to exit

You, I understand how it feels

Night are night mares, can’t bet about the days.

You are crying and only you can hear empty stares

Now the kitchen snores its sleep

I walked bare foot on the burning coals

I brought holistic coupons to bring her back

You sleep endless night waiting for sleep

Your eyes speak that, mine too

On some holy day you meet someone’s mother

But she is not yours, she is a mother anyway

It takes long day to ignore her memories

Her smile, her hugs and her caring hands on forehead

Her absence teaches you a lot

But she was the only reason I could find my lost pair of socks

I know, you can feel that too

Let my song have this hum

All I wanted to tell you that, I miss you, I love you mum


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