Make me peace of thy happiness

I have been living away from my family since couple of years and this make some sense since I have never felt the importance of small happiness like- sitting together and enjoy that first spoon of dinner, share centralized happiness and carefree moments. I miss those old, golden days when happiness was- going to vegetable market with dad every Sunday and choose only what I would be eating all that week, especially potato. I miss those days when mom would wait for me over lunch even if it means 9 p.m. for me.

A vector illustration of a family having a Thanksgiving dinner together

I miss those days when ‘watching cricket’ together was a reason to reach home earlier. Life was never complicated, we made it. Not only technology but ignorance took everything over, we take so many things for granted unless we realize the importance of one small gesture, small treat for no reasons, fight for ‘remote control’ and discussion over ‘daily soap’ and ‘cartoon network’ and a smile from mom while she used to bid us bye for the entire day  journey. Things are same, people, environment and the vibration is same, nothing is changed, it will never, all we need is to find out reasons to go back to the days and think again, play with it and take it easy.

My small gesture of happiness is when my little sister sleeps hugging me tight, her playful eyes, cute majestic smile and naughty fake snores never gave me happiness like an I-Phone but it gave me kind of feeling that I-Phone can never afford to give. The importance of family, friends and someone special is known only when we are surrounded by strangers, like I feel those feelings, now days. Kind of people I deal with now days are hard to recognize and complicated to configure unlike my family, I never felt the requirement to judge them or I never felt the necessity to think before I act mad, yet when I call back home I bring back my lost soul. Technology is not bad, it connects people, and it connects home. It is insignificant to hold back technology when we have family around, walking along with friends and may be on a date.

It is very important to feel life, to enjoy its glimpses, breathe air and hug our loved ones often. We should feel their presence, touch their faces and tell them how much we love them.

This time when I go back home, I want all my family members to sit together, smile and make faces, I want to hug them tight, want to capture that image in my soul, tell them how much I care, go for a small street shopping and enjoy the bargain, I want to go vegetable market with dad again, I want to learn some cooking tips from mom, I want to hide grand mom’s artificial teeth somewhere again, I want to steal some ‘old coins’ that she never gives to anyone, I want to do all those stupid mistakes I did in my childhood without bothering for any of the outcome, project submission deadlines, ugly canteen food, and boring classes.

I just want to be with them, being myself, re-live the moments and kind of happiness that I will never regret in future.

Thank you Kissan for this wonderful video, now i know what i have to do…


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