Make it visibly yours(TataSky Transfer)

So much to express but the certainty of reality is that we are restricted.  Nobody tells me my real objective of coming to this earth, I was not born to please people though, but we are left with no other option, in order to find ourselves we have to drag few down.

I was born to T.V, kind of disease found everywhere especially in India where people die if they are not given remote control for a long time distinguishing there should not hold any advertisement break in between climax and their need to switch among all the channels.

We do not watch what we like but what is available with different colors flashing over the screen making sure we waste most of our time taking a sneak peek of available issues coming over satellite version of television.

The happy go lucky moment when I win this fight over my grandmother who wastes her time watching some alien language so that I could not resist her from doing that stupid thing and more over age matters, she wins over most of the time when my parents are home.Sleeping grandma cartoon

Left with no choice, I switched to some YouTube maniac with less patience waiting for buffering and then wake up with an assignment on mail.


My feeling when she does this to me :”( ….


Makes sense, I switched to something that never gave me graving chance to find reasons and stop bothering my favourite suspense that they end every weakened.

One small box that holds my hand like my boyfriend, and show me variety of reasons to impress my living milestone.  I can text him, I get replies and that makes my day, I no more get irritated from that white hair lady who somehow is getting on my head every day, though I can’t fight her back, I so love her. My supeeeerrrr Nani…

You know that silly love thing.

The only thing that inspires me of digital life is its capability to log into a life where everything is possible. Even if there is a life that brings me a life that belongs to someone else(movies), I find it interesting and its fascinating that how a small handset can help me time travel, find my right guess and few answers during exams(there is no other way how I am topper).

All recently I played back few movies that interrupted my normal thinking and how I saw the world, and the next my granny needed urgent popcorn because her new Tamil movie was grabbing her teeth, I wonder when did she learn Tamil, multi tasking lady.

I skipped the movie and went on a supper and days went, my daily soaps were awaiting silly suspense eliminator, my assignments, I gave up and slept.

And a day came, weekends compiling a week holiday when I broke my legs and I had nothing to do but sit there stare at the case and compile my codes.

Then a sudden brisk of sparkle hit my head, what?

Like what?

My feeling when i get back my T.V(in any way) …


A lie.. Come on!!

I left nothing I knew; my TataSky Transfer made that possible. Not just in a way, all thanks to my mom, even she is hectic with her Bengali chapters, specially her favourite kitchen show. It really did, I held my one piece handset that fortunately gave me a brisk time bomb of memory that at least occupied my cloud.

Let us see, how it works

Switching on, recorded, Transferred, seen and happy.

Life cannot be this brief and beautiful.

What made me sense was the movie Lucy, the way how it was choreographed, the movie held me my sense to one corner and gave me reason to discover more of my life, wondering if something could enhance my brain like that, life could have been easy and compiling, I could have started my own business, something like of 500 cr turnover at initial.

What so ever, the movie revolved around a lady who found the knowledge(resulting some drug overdose, and how she performed that with a grace was outstanding) and that is what it matters to , if we could know the reason of our problems most of it could be healed. Solving something sounds rude rather healing it.

Well! TataSky Transfer transferred my pocket money back to me, I got what I wanted without disturbing my granny and her Tamil movie, wondering how she can eat those popcorns, she does not have teeth, and she should grow up.

it makes sense TataSky Transfer


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