Long time huh!

I can see that

Hidden tears in your eyes

Painfully, those are because of me

Tell me, are they?

I am helpless

Forgive me and let me go

Do not look at me with a hope

I never would be able to prove you

Not anymore

Long time huh! But finally I saw you, I found you.

Again, huh!

Finally that we are meeting (again) and then suddenly this one thing clicks my mind, again the same pain? Will we both be able to bear that (again), are we prepared, and then I wonder nothing in the universe happens by chance?

The day when your legs were trembling and not standing their foot, I knew it was you, staring at me, with same vibrations, though it took me long to get you again (was that you? Finally omg! I cannot explain you how it felt. to have you again, I just wanted to run out of somewhere to and hug you tight, baby, have you got any idea how much I missed you, how much I love you)since it has been 6 years we last met , saw and touched and all I saw you that day was an angry, impulsive and hopeful guy wanting for me to narrate something that he wanted to hear, like  everything that never exist but deep inside in your heart you wanted to know that everything I told you was right, believe me they were. Ever I wanted to tell you the same, I had no proof, I do not have them now, and I might get them someday or never.

I do not know if this is the right time to face you because you are among my unhindered fears that will never leave me trance unless you wish it to. I feel guilty, hopeless and pity without you, without your sympathy.

It is hard for me to explain it, like “why” but I really need to tell you, how much harder you are making this to me, I cannot escape you, we live in same campus.


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