Because i am afraid to write again…

Hold onto me, because the truth lies behind what we feel, know and.understand.
What sense does it make?
Sweet rainy smell, last bite of pizza and subsequent friends.
Everything is there but US, i want to write something but i am afraid to form words again. I don’t know hoe much will it take to remember you once again but it is taking hell lot of to forget you.
My words sneak peak my mind and i sometimes skip few words, in a golden node i have considered myself ineligible to write anything anymore.
I feel angry, frustrated and gone when i think of wrriting, even more better ideas purge my mind and i am afraid to compelete them.
There were days when i started a paragraph and ended up myself deleting each word through select all.
They laugh at me who once apreciated my work, why to judge someone without wearing their torn shoez?
I would not be able to compelete this phrase too but i badly want to.
I want to speak to myself through this no matter how barren it aounds to you or anybody, i want to start again from scratch defeating my dyslexia or any mental disorder my psychritist assign to me.
Grow more and love more no matter how painful memories could be.


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