Dear Mom

The star seems too bright today
Might it had your shine
I watch you everyday
In every possible way..

I have walked few days alone in hope that my space will turn you to me and i would find you again between my emptiness.
This land is full of curiosity, and it holds surprising facts about life its inhabitants.
I am surprised to know that we really do not exists and being tired of explaining the same to everyone, i am afraid to know about the world. I intentionally stopped searching for the reasons for it and now when i see those same people talking about universes and its hidden facts i feel guilty of restricting my curiosity,but it is not that late to start over.

When i will reach my destination i will write your name in my contribution because no matter what the situation was i felt you, so close that i could not distinguish the wind and relativity of space and time. Illogically every logic i turned down were eventually causes and facts of having you near by me. Ocassionally a sense of helplesness strike my days and i run somewhere in search of you.

During in class my eyes are filled and it takes me time to distinguish between my feelings, i miss you to the core.

When someone tells me that they have been dictated not to walk much during their downs i remember had you been here you would probably have asked me the same.

A sense of carelessness run my way and i miss your tight cluches and i leave behind my day’s faults, guilts and stress.

Who am i suppose to approach when i feel like this? The same star right? That i see everyday.

My husband’s diary 2


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