Manifesting undefined hapiness

It is not just a day today, everything is so changed. I no more have friends I called my life line once, I am living without people I thought ‘I could never survive without’, I am staying in some strange land with strange people, waking up hearing some strange languages. Everything is so changed in my life, I no more have faith in the unseen and I have stopped taking interest in birds that chirp. I am left with no money to fulfil my shopping desires and I am staying up in a jail like environment. I have been given challenges that I never thought exists.

Studies are no more fun, I eat food that goes to my digestive but it takes time for me to recognize stuffs placed in my dinner plate.

It seems like my head is more of burdened than staying up happy during night.

Suddenly my life turned from a happy go lucky to a nightmare, worst than I could ever imagine.

Suddenly from a grateful heart to hating signals, frequency inside me has changed a lot, dealing away day to day circumstances I am only left with sleep as my stress reliever. I chose this, and I have no other way but to bear it.

I wake up with birds singing their own glory, I see people happy and my credit limit is just 1/10th million or some, what fun life is left with? All good looking guys stare me, it irritates me, and they see me with the eyes of cheating again.

The coolest guy in the campus asked me for a coffee, and I denied because he must be planning something, he must be the one I denied during my schooling and he has come back to revenge on my left out happiness.

I have been chosen class reprehensive and it is not a tad bit fun. I have to walk with a special badge on my shoulder behaving I am born intelligent and responsible.

My face is turning young every day; I wear less stress apart having a lot.

What life I have been given, I still could not believe in?


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