Keep it simple, Keep it healthy

Life purely is a beautiful place to explore and understand the small happiness, all we have in this life is our body, mind and spirit and synchronization among them is not only essential but a necessary part of our life’s purpose

It is purely disheartening when a young good looking guy ignores you. I am serious.

I am not talking with respect to a flat belly teen but from a view point of young and average estimated woman who wears XL tees to hide some of guilty chocolate times.

My grandmother always says that it is not the food that keeps us little outdated but our thoughts with it, many of my friends have nothing to hide for yet they eat like jugglers and wild animals. I have seen people being conscious of what they eat and gain without effort.

Winters are blissful, we have long coverings and extra earnings on our bodies, it is easy for us to cope up that everyday challenge of hiding the tummy fat and go for a walk in midnight.

Summer demands a little more, on some special occasions where wearing a sleeveless is the only option the butterflies over the arms settle out their wings and eat wafers.

Unlike other beautiful girls I see of my age, I felt little under confident when I undertook my new college.

College days are fun especially for the newbie, we do have fresher parties, interaction sessions and few presentations in the initial days itself, and I always believed in the first impression.

After I had my last breakup, chocolates were my best friends to cope up with the stress, I stopped loving my body and it eventually stopped loving me too.

I saw myself today, I guess after a long, it was kind of hatred I had for my ex boyfriend. It is hard to believe that how little emotions can change our entire schedule.

Exercise, dieting and physical activities are not my type; they make me feel even more stressed, waking up in morning is the most wretched job anybody could encounter, at least for me.

I tried almost everything for a couple of months and previous memories came up with divisional breakup memories.

I could not give up on the thoughts of growing like a tree from each direction.

I am afraid to face people, especially some good looking guys, I am afraid to be called as sister by them, I already have been.

I gave up on everything and then hopelessly prayed, kind of a silent pray for help and as god always have a right plan for us, I came across this- Dabur Honey Diet.

That sounds interesting.

I have already tried everything, why not this.

All I needed was a good lifestyle because it is more of having a life of quality than quantity.

I undertook this project with a vision of understanding my life from a different perspective; I just wanted to feel myself in.

Unlike other diet plans you encounter there is something that really is effective called BALANCED DIET.

A balanced diet comprises of various portions of nutrients and vitamins required for a better health, losing weight is not important but staying fit and healthy definitely is.

  • Only when I understood that having a balanced diet also
  • Balance my mind and
  • Synchronises my metabolism
  • Gives me strength to fight unwanted molecules unknown to me inside my body
  • Keeps my skin healthy and glowing

And almost brings smile on my face when a GOOD LOOKING, CUTE, HANDSOME GUY COMPLIMENTS ME and do not call me sister anymore.

Keep smiling and do check them, who knows someone proposes you after this read 😉 or Honey Diet


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