Being judgemental

I headed my luaggage towards our new hostel building. It took me an hour to reach the building by a cab, just bypassing other similar buildings i noticed that the campus was fairly big for a little cub like me.
Unlike most of other students i was standing alone wondering whome should i contact to for my accomodation.
My soul was already rinsed last night with litres of tear. I felt lonely at the moment. Other mom and dads were helping their kods choosing a good matress i probably had bought a better one if my parents would have been there but i fairly chose a cheaper but comfortable one.
I decided to announce myself with some money saving.
I prayed and i gave up, i felt literal unhappy for a moment.

That moment i fought back my feelings and sat on the slabs. A girl passed me, i watched her hand bag, her luaggage and the company that manufactured it. I consider people with designer and brandeds with a good background.
I suddenly saw a girl with an Iphone, she had fair skin and her jacket was fairly nice fabricated.

“she must belong to a rich family.”
Another girl with a dirty collar neck and old fabric passed her and i judged her to be fairly not so rich.

I found one of my old friends and i had a sigh of relief, i judged god was on my side finally and i was not left aloof.

I then saw people talking about how our college fee was hiking their daily budget.

I was then left alone in the floor and a room with ecoe. Unlike the room i had applied for, it was diffrent, a room without ac in the land of NO RAINS.

I ended my day with a cringe in my heart, i felt angry, what i have become?

I was making fun of god’s decision or probably someone’s decision of being themselves.

Does living in crowd with fine people makes me feel small? I was being judgemental all the way? Was i jealous or sad? Was i making fun of my gratitude? That was a rub.
I was not born that way, i am forced to be judgemental and put my views for myself, the world puts the winner first and a winner alqays have to watch over the loosers.

Am i being judgemental again?

God save me..


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