In a sunny night

Since the day you have come to my life, i have seen countless sun in the evening. The world has gone upside down and my circuitory in brain have mis matched.

I am walking somewhere i do not have any idea about but it is kind of land without any grass but the colour it shoes is green in class. The rainbow above is so black and white and suddenly your smile, i remember it though it fills the water with a wow!

I stand there amazed, what is that,  everything happening with me?

I assure myself everytime anxiety prevails and i imagine myself holding you tight, kind of relief it provides is like taking a nap.

I wonder every similar face would be you and people stare back at me except few.

I wonder if the dog owner is you and the dog barks and sends me shooooooowwwww!!

I kind of laugh at myself sometimes but the tears do not speak it other way, i keep counting days to meet you soon, without knowing who are you?

One another day i felt i saw you, in the large group in prayers i could hear you,it was you i know for sure,you have kind of vibration only i can hear.

You were singing the song of glory and i hailed you after evert our fathers phrase. My lord was happy today because i found my god in you, the love that jesus was trying to convey.

It was you, it was you , baby, it is you…


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