How we met again #2

When at the apostle there, stood he, shining and grooving his pants, he was my hero, he was that unseen passage of my life that I had encountered in my dreams million years ago. He was there since then but I found him now, maybe we were destined to be forgotten by.

we held our hands and touched them silently, we procreated the divine glimpses of our memories in past, we have summoned up our luxury attire for some time together, we saw the moon, we saw a moon from another planet, lately we realized we were in different dimensions, yet we were present here, we recreated our destinies there, might we had better earlier but this was far happier. We did not think a bit to relocate ourselves neither did we thought of coming back to our trances. We were happily married then, we wore no clothes but we were fully beautiful, we had no shame and we thought nothing of giving up. We were happy in our lonely planet.

All of a sudden I believed in my unseen seen, and then I entered another dimension, where we had our first attire in form of our demanded curious child, twins of our soul and we emerged as one flame called twin flame.


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