Hapiness is….

I am born lazy and anything that I do is result of peer pressure and deadlines. Recently we shifted to our new location and ordered our DTH connection, broadband and all errands that introduce internet connection because life without water and food is somehow imaginable but life without internet is beyond mind’s eye.

I wondered if I could reset my connection manually so that I do not have to wait for customer services and their free veil excuses of coming late.

My DTH connection was set after a continuous haulage of my grandmother over phone, they came and arranged the set top box, days passed but she could not watch her daily soap, there was a generous peace over my house, she was busy praying.

I thought that was for family peace, rather the peace we were encountering.

She was praying for her regional connection, I kept waiting for another customer service visit and that was it.

The very first thing we saw when we switched on to the television was a long awaited advertisement.

It was kind of entertainment we were thriving for.

I came across my fun loving life suddenly, when I saw my childhood pictures, careless, optimistic and what a smile I threw back then, I even tried intimating those natural poses.

I wondered if I could go back to those days, where I did not had bill payment issues, waiting for my cartoon channels and boyfriend.

Tapping a boyfriend is more like a serious issue, especially when he is a long distance creature, my phone bills were touching penthouses and all I wished was free internet connection.

I paid Rs.200 and got Rs.175, where the hell my Rs.25 go?


I feel like a dedicated citizen, but I want my 25 as well, I could have got a pizza, at least I could have got my eye brows done.

I felt tired and dizzy; all I supposed to do that way ,was to wait for a miracle.

Here I go, someone introduced me with this new AIRTEL app, and I wondered what new about it? It is such a piece of app.

That is the miracle I was waiting for, I get free data usages, cash backs and I have already paid for my DTH and my granny is living beyond happiness, now there is a real peace over my house, and at least she could pray for some family well-being, thank god for that!

My broadband connection is running furious, I found it go mad with the speed, it is beyond my happiness, I have these tears of gratitude.

I now know who is eating up my data usages and why about every next day it shows me of data completion.

Everything under one roof, I do not have to move my bums to do things, I feel like a queen, I get free gifts, and  the messages I got from my service provider earlier were irritating and not very pleasing, and now I wait for them, I wait for my next surprise.

I can add my best friend, my mom and family into the vision. It is such a great get-to-gather over online platform. i can buy them stuffs and i can demand them few( wicked smile). i am in love with this app.

about the specific key feature that best suits my life style are:

1. I can recharge from anywhere with the faith that i am linking up with a trusted service provider.

2. I can buy and gift things within my budget with the grace of hapiness.

3. free data and cash back services are like a sudden surprise that makes my day

Such a great pleasure, I feel so enhanced and blessed, I feel like my good karma are talking back to me.

Thank you Airtel


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