Ek Nayi League

wildlife4_1508402iwhen things are subsequently not making sense

it is making somesense

somewhere it is talking to you

telling you, to make some changes

changes that talks to you

tells you to make changes

the way you think, do and make changes


I wonder this surprisingly, that sometimes, it is all a mind game. We have to be suspiciously mean and jealous in accordance to achieve something in today’s world.

Hard truth, somewhere around, we have to let go what is bothering, what we are afraid of, we simply have to march for, if we stick with the decisions taken with heart, it will either provide us friends or flows.

Choice is yours- decisions taken with heart always leads to Brain Drain – Heard somewhere.

Does it make any difference to what we feel?

Yes off course, we are human beings and what we feel is far beyond what we think. Our conscious will never allow us to forgive the devil within, no matter how wonderful the result sounds.

Yet, if there is nothing to showcase in our golden chest, there is a nil surrounding of happiness around us.

What difference will it make?

A huge, our mental, spiritual and all alignments are result of what we have.

We seek mental peace but after we get all the materialistic peace in our life.

This is hallmark for living.

For a chance, Sir Kapil is talking about all divine and spiritual use of brain, common sense and that will bring you a sense that is called trade with fair.

Everything is fare in love and war; living is not a less then attending a war without weapon.

A sharpest weapon that we hold for a physical reality is our mind, the consciousness and those who play wise with it, they make rise with it.

All the possible and impossible wall hanging of our degrees is merely a piece of framed papers but what really is important is how wisely we invest.

We all are given with same auto suggestion brain and we all love spending money.

Spending is letting go and investing is rising high.

More or less everything we do is a trade, either it is a marriage or a birthday party, we attend a trade fair all again with some sort of sovereign that handles our buffet prices.

We all enter a competition everyday, willingly or unwillingly, we just, make superstitious convoys about ourselves and others, what we see are the result.

One bad failure and we stop making further approaches

Thing is power of mind is judged not only on one good shot but a systematically, logical and continuous stable shots.

Life will turn things down and only the wise with good shot will survive it to the best and this way the life provides us genius who is capable enough to pay his own decision to everything he encounters.

Either a way things must prefer to start its own way and everybody of us have that inner talent to acquire our dreams in a different way.

Doing things normally like normal people every normal day without a session of adventurous achievements is a waste of one’s own capabilities.

All I have ever seen and heard from my brilliant elders “there is no a single chance, by chance”

We always have to take steps, one followed by another without fear unless we get what we have always desired for, and that one day will shine our glory to make our life worth a living hut.



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