I am more then
As explained and told to you
I am more than the dress I wear
I am more than my designer shoes
I am more than jealousy and envy
I am more than my irritations and rectifications
I am more than my degrees and self modifications
I am myself, raw, mad and always adopting the new me

” I handed over the last piece of semi eaten pizza, looked like a rat attack on it.
I missed it, the plates were empty, now no body was calling me from the kitchen, no body was waiting for me to home.
It was a busy lonely time, i was misisng someone, apart the feeling of left aloof, i was afraid a bit.
her divine lap, her always ready to hear drops and beautiful eyes those were enough to satisfy my day.
my love my life my mom!!
she was not there today and she would not be there from now, but yet i can feel her, so close, my eyes do.
my heart does
my each sense does
she is just so close, she is here, hugging me, wiping my eyes, taking me for a small golgappa treat and making my avorite dinner, where is she? somewhere i could not reach?
i feel hopeless and.helpless, now who will tell me i am the prettiest kid ever born, who will bring me the lost love, i have been left like this,without her… Miss you Maa”



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