without an isolation

“Isolate and then see, what the world is showing you, no matter, if they cheat, kind them and love their appreciation for your trust. Know that the globe is round and there are millions who shine, show your light to them, let them know that you are child of god and then you will find, resisting will make no sign. Once for a while you will re-capture, your worth and then you will die in real sense, then you will be re-born as a hero and show the captain that there exists a world of humans and we are born to reciprocate hate and love the new beginning of overseas. We will know at the moment how wonderful love has become so far, like we behave and grow the love has passed Its maturity and grown this way. It felt lonely when there was no body to handle, it is not easy to reassign and then fall aback, life gives everyone the equal chance, believe it or not we are in the same trance.”


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