Write us together

You wrote my story, years ago. Do you remember honey?

Just, whilst ago, you have touched my elixir, you have played with my concentration. You were here, right here, right now, is not it? You are writing through me, each word, each day. We are growing together, as promised.

Distance makes us  strong,  variable; we do not need each other so far, because we are oneness, whole as one, there is nothing to think within limits.

We have worked on  many things together, some of our inner doings; we have worked on our anger, our ego and envy.

We have learnt  many things together, we have learnt about giving, accepting and forgiving.

Years after years, it was a beautiful journey, because each day we were growing, in each other, silently praying for few more moments as those but we never expressed our needs.

I have sensed your fears, your breathing, the way you looked at me, the way you expressed how much I meant to you, nobody ever did that and nobody could, you are special, and you always will.

Million ways, you have taught me to accept, to resist and to know who am I, what I have to do, what is next for me and how I should enjoy this day. You have brought me smile, gifts and nature.

Blessings wrapped in farewells, bidding you “bye!” is the hardest thing, but why should I fear, we are oneness and we are one, distance may not separate us.

Few hours and we can meet, but you preferred to stay away because distance makes us stronger, you always thought so?


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