Happiness is very important.

Happiness is when a new born tickles his leg, when i smile at some random stranger and he smiles to me in return, without any intention, when i cook for my family and they still get courage to eat it, when helping is no more necessity but love. Happiness has various definition but they all end at one, Happiness is life and life is Happiness, they go hand in hand

We never know what real happiness is unless we lose something that provided us with it.download (3)

Happiness may be an expensive car drive for someone, for some it may be something that is invaluable, happiness is a feeling and we try to achieve happiness. We think certain thing will bring us happiness and once we achieve it we move for another certain thing. All the way along our life, we run behind something that will give us happiness and then one day we recline on a bed waiting and wondering if someone will come and answer that why god never gave us happiness and then some imagination created god(inner self) appears and speak, rather show us our later life we have experienced and we realize, happiness was never far apart, it always was there, it appeared to us when we were born, when we have first touched something and felt the life, when we have experienced mother’s touch , when we saw a bird flying, happiness was always there, we just missed the moment in finding some.

download (2)We all know happiness is not far behind or something other than our divine self, but we are so afraid of feeling it, we hardly bring a upper curve on our faces, we are afraid to show that we are happy.

All  HAPPINESS as an ENTITY, expects from us is to open our wings, fly, fly and fly higher beyond our boundaries, without thinking where life is moving and where it will stay, about the things like “What if it doesn’t happens” or “what if that doesn’t works out the way we have desired”.

Happiness is variable but in real, happiness is one divine constant.8-Ways-to-Boost-Your-Optimism

For me happiness is my family. When we sit together, eat, talk and shout it aloud, together that- how much we love each other.

During my final year of graduation, I felt that life is unfair. We have different personalities, brains and living styles. Where is the EQUALITY shit then?

I do not know from where this thought came to me, but I desperately needed an answer.

The statement itself made me worried, I couldn’t sleep for few nights worrying, why things are like the way it is?

I do not know why we are so different from each other. Few drive-ins to college in Audi and rest struggle through bus and rush.

Some says these are our karma, rest just accept.

For me these answers were not sufficient so I went church, I wanted to ask him, “Why things are so impartial?”.

The church spoke to me through a wall post “meditate, because not all answers are given in Google.”

I found the idea really interesting, but it was difficult at the same.

I found some way out and it took me nearly 4 years to really learn HOW TO MEDITATE, but it was worth it, I desperately wanted the answer.download (4)

Slowly when I started meditating, it started wiping out some of the old beliefs and questions that had disturbed me, and then I was happy, I really was happy without any reason, without any cause, without a new I phone in my hand, without my new dress, I was happy.

Then I understood, someone else is not responsible for my happiness, I myself is.

I do not know what makes me really happy but when I drive in the mid afternoon, and butterfly passes by me, speaking heaven’s messages, I really feel happy.

When I unconditionally love my family and friends, it makes me happy.

When I help a hungry dog on the road, share some of my food and time with him, I feel happy.

Big things make me happy no doubt, but now I am not dependent on other THINGS to be happy.

Comedy nights with Kapil and a cup of tea with some pakode, makes me happy and if they are made by someone else, I feel even happier ;)( wink).

The thing is not about  what others have got, thing is about how much I have, without even asking, like healthy heart, feet to walk. We are so busy in finding our mutual happiness that we sometimes forget to be grateful for what we are given with.

I do not complaint for people who think like this, they do not have other option, they are frightened, they do not know what to do, and years ago I acted the same.

There are people who do not care for anybody, they simply make their way and happiness follows them.

Life is really magical, it’s each moment is and happiness for me now a days is to find how life really works. I may not be able to find great treasures or may not be able to make you believe what I am feeling right now writing this, but I am really feeling the happiness of reading and writing each word, isn’t it amazing?

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