Isn’t it amazing

How things have changed so far

We are here,

We were there,

We will be somewhere but all

Together, forever

For each other

No matter how things go, have passed

We were and will always be, like this

Separately away but together

Isn’t it?

We will make our own stories

We will find our ways

Rather we will make some

You and I, together will move this sun

We will make history,

We will make some

We will be like this

Always and forever

Together, ever and ever…

Isn’t is amazing, the world is so huge, so many secrets, so many derivations, distinctly different from each of it’s part. So many people, so many thoughts, so many desires, we all live beneath a single roof.

The color, the phases, wind, fire, water, I love the way life has been,presented to us.

We learn, love, fight and forgive.


Small emotions, feelings, living together, talking, knowing, spreading, learning everything is so exciting.

Yet life is life.

When something goes wrong, it is the time when everything falls in place, because I know,things happen for reason so why should I waste this precious time, the time(now) and the day (today), will never come back, no matter how much we try.

There are times in life, when everything seems impossible,everything is just falling apart of it’s place, and future seems to be a dark passage going no where, and we desperately need something, to work out for us.

We are running, no matter how hard it is for us, we are creating unnecessary boundaries no matter how hard it is to climb, when we can live our life simple, why make it complicated.

I know things have went wrong, it is even not that better and it can go wrong again, wrong in the way I see because what we all have is mere a dream for someone, yet we feel we are so incomplete.

These all happens because we so eagerly wait something to happen, something not in this moment but in near future.

We all go through this.

I have been too.


I remember a time in my life, where I stood in the podium, thinking about nothing and a lot was going inside my head and I couldn’t able to figure out what next.

I know what I want from my life, yet I know it is not going to be easy. I wish god has given us, as many as lives, as many people he has given us and their desires stacked to us. My granny wants me to join some psychology classes, since she could not join one, my mom wanted me to be a scientist, my uncle wants me to join him in banking, someone wants me to die, and I want to live.

Yet, I believe, I believe and I believe and this is enough.

I have experienced my first walk, I have tasted my first food, I hardly remember how I felt then but I repeat doing so everyday because they make feel so wonderful, to know and experience myself better everyday.

I have gained some degrees and academic certificates, excellence remarks and some bad stories of my exams.

None of them really define who I am in real, I am a better person outside examination hall sometimes, I have no idea what and who do I convert to inside that big hall full of racers and manipulators.

How I performed in that 3 hrs of journey can never decide my future but this is all the world around me see.

I have been asked so many times about how much marks I have obtained in some realistic examination I gave previously and I have seen people reacting and treating me with respect to that. I do not know why, but this feeling of always being judged with respect to what I have achieved so far, helps me hate the society even more.

No body knows about the moment what we write throughout our examination papers, yet it decides million of futures.

I was told, society is our another family. It is reflection of what we are and I am wondering even more now a days about this.

Is it? Truly? Society? What?


Yet, there are many people who are finding their own ways, irrespective of the fact that there exists some old mindsets and beliefs about our living, dressing and eating habits and I would like to join in this change.

No matter what, no matter how and no matter why things are wrong, they are meant to be there, to teach us and to make us what we are today and what we will in near future.

This is my journey and I am always #TOGETHER with myself. I have seen myself grow, I have seen my habits and selfless smiles, I have been myself only when I am alone. No one in this whole world really know who I am and what I can be other that I, myself have found.

When I look around the times when everything was beyond my limits of accepting life, I found out that they were the best days of my life. They made me the person I am today, better than what I was.

when I gave some focus on my love life and wondered if true love kind of fairy tale story really exists, just because some random guy I loved cheated on me, that was the time I was being saved by the god, by my own instincts. Things work out the way we pray, sometimes worst comes around our way and we wonder with so many negative thoughts.

I couldn’t join the college of my choice, and that day I cried on my fate,I cried till my tears were dry and then one day I met some really good people, and i realized i do not choose life, none of us do, we try, dream and do our best eventually life chooses us for the best,and I am sure this real good fate was awaiting for all of us, because we are #TOGETHER for each other, in every moment, this is life and yes this is life.

When something goes wrong, it is the time when everything falls in place.

I have seen worst, may be they are mere pieces of sentences for few people but the time I really experienced them, felt lonely, felt being cheated and when there were no reason to hope for, those days were really hard for me but I do not know why, they could never disturb my way. I knew, I have been given this opportunity to learn, to feel life even better.

Life teaches you a lot, and this is the best part of it’s.

I just love my life, the way it unfolds, every day when sun rises again, I know the nights are tough

I really miss him, the way he took care of me, the way we have shared so many moments together, I miss our long conversations on Facebook, I miss the way he looked me but more than that, I know I love him and love can never be cheated.

He is definitely not with me, his serious mental fluctuations and decision hormones lead him to much beautiful girl but I will choose to see what he has done for me. This is the only way I can get rid of this pain going around.

We all are happy, unless we find someone who is more happier in our context.

With that guy I have lost a lot, I couldn’t find myself after our relationship but everything is all over now. Today when  wake up I have this real smile in my face that is for myself.


My plans for life sometime, seems not to be working, everything is just in opposite to my flow, just everything that I know.

If as a desperate human being you ask me about my days now a days, I will say death is even better, oh well this sentence sounds really disheartening, but we hear this very sentence, often, very often, from so many people around.

We all are different, so are our ways to deal with situation. Sooner or later we get through it, but the memories related to them, are very haunting.

All my childhood I have tried my best, worst and everything I could to become someone my parents wanted me to, it wasn’t their fault to expect all of them from me, it was a casual desire that all parents keep.

Everything is so confusing, we call living as life but I hardly know what living really means. If you gradually ask me this question, I would say living is achieving the best, because this is what I have been watching all my life span.

Living is peace, it is the feeling, a good feeling that I expect from my life.

Yet our powerful moments together, when things were right, I remember all of them, and they are enough for my life.

Each day when we have grown in love, when we have come little closer, I remember all of them, they are like treasures to me, to find my ways, to accept his mistakes. I definitely miss him but I can feel him inside, that encourages me. I love him so much, infinite ways, I simply love him.

I revitalize our moments, cherished feelings, our little walks, stupid selfies and endless silent fights.

The way he used to bring that smile on my face, his stupid birthday gift’s and endless excuses of coming late. We are still there together when someone kiss each other’s tears, when someone holds hand in love.

We are #TOGETHER FOREVER, no matter what.images

Distance can not decide our ways, he is there, standing beside me, reading everything I am writing, giving me some little ideas and disturbing me without notice.

Along the time things have changed but they have changed for better, all I know, for now I know nothing, I am simply giving up my thoughts on what can go wrong and accept what is coming, I am sure life surely have something better to provide.


Live has given so many choices to me, and I choose to live today.

My life is already very beautiful, fulfilling only if I do not compare it with anybody.

I promise to stay with myself, Together always, forever.

Thank you and Indiblogger for this wonderful opportunity to write for you. best of luck for your new venture all love :*


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