#Positivity of being a woman

“She is toughest object ever made, she is graceful and adorable, she is a warrior inside, she has beautiful eyes, she’s everything, she will give you everything, only if you allow her to.”

I am born as a woman

I eat fat, I grow beautiful

I keep my grace and spread some

I have been, is and will always be kept aloof

I have my own story

I create mine…

Who decides that the body given to us will contain pair of milk feeding elements, nourish a little baby and provide him with every nutrient without brand label in it?

Womanhood is, beauty, grace and a feeling that no one in the world can experience without being one. It’s a father’s own territory. She is hope, desire and serenity. She lives in everything, every smile, every hope. I have always seen her living for someone else. Becoming bold, determistic and unaffected was not her choice, they were the only things left with her.

Men were never superior, we were not taught to handle our graces so far. Equality doesn’t demand status, pay and emotions, it demands honesty,respect.

Generalization of gender is not a good option for debate. Man and woman are no different, they are just provided with some important tasks.

All we need to understand is that, cooking will not degrace a man’s pride and earning will not take away woman’s.

Not just the negative side, but a woman and the world always have a positive equevelent resource utilization.  She is unconditional source of light and love, fulfilling the voidness and negativity around. She makes the world, a better place to live.

Deep inside, every man and woman are just mere peace of souls, what makes each of us different is just this body structure? Having breasts and vagina makes a person inferior, less deserving and cluelessly disrespective?

All my life I was searching for my identity, not being a woman but because of being a woman.

my family never showed me this gender inequality, had not I read about these articles on inequality, I would have probably never believed such things exist, but today I am writing from someone, someone I know is very close to me and her story is even closer.


She has five elder brothers, protective, loving but she had never sensed the requirement of having someone in her life. She wanted to hold degrees of education instead of education of degrees. She reflected a perfect Indian woman. Calm, never defending, accepting everything that was offered to her.

All her world revolved around her own thinking, something that she never thought she had. In lateral parts of Indian, women are not allowed to think, thinking for themselves is a sin.

We generalize our dressing, we generalize our personality but the world speaks something else.

All I understood being in my family was love is something that unites us, keeps the world energized, gives us power to think little more.

When I first met Awadhi, she was a girl with choices, every guy in our batch would love to date her, only if she could speak to them. They watched her, dreamt of her, but nothing entertained her, they were not a funny part of her life, they were something she considered as her own mistake. If a guy stares you, it is your mistake- is the proverb, high set in her mind.

She would cry, cry and cry, all I understood was ,she was beyond my understanding.

Every girl is different, every one of us are unique, we have choices, differences, our perspective and making a mindset with few around us is specifically not done at all.

I have seen my mother, her mother, her sister, my cousines, we all are variably different but somewhere we are not complete, we crave for the respect while we walk on streets, go for vegetable marketing, grocessary shopping, hanging out, having little pizza party. All we want is, something not a guy would ever imagine, we all want to come back home safely.

What safety means? Being saved from death? Death is even a better option.

What made situation this miserable? Are we just stupid enough getting birth as a lady figure? We do worship lady dieties,don’t we? We beg for money to a lady diety, we beg for knowledge to a lady, we beg for love to her, even we beg for our own birth.

Why don’t few people just understand this, why don’t they understand that their scary eye sight scares us, it gives bound, beyond explainations.

We have so many women around, and each one of us really have sense of this feeling, and we all have our own way of detecting and tackling with them.

It is not just a woman craving for respect, definitely it is a humankind, no gender variation yet majority is pointing to only races where women lives.

She is toughest object ever made, she is graceful and adorable, she is born with a warrior inside, she had beautiful eyes, she is everything you imagine, she will give you everything, only if you allow her to.

Today when I look back this is a way beyond what I expected. Gender war, colour war, war just because there exists some rule for us. I have heard people say, girls should not study, they should not laugh at public, they do not deserve appreciation, need not earn.

Does it makes sense?

Infinite ways, infinite days, we are searching, creating and suffocating inside our own beliefs, some of the rituals. We care for this world, we so enrnestly want to dedicate ourself a little more in the journey of awakening. We all really have something to dedicate and bring forth, we just need some time, understanding and respect. Rest everything, will be created by us.

All I know, we were not given everything because everybody knows –“if a woman speaks she will write so many fortunes.”


She was cheated

She was beaten

She was thrown

She was heated

Her desires were burnt

Her scares were fare

She decided, she made choices

Not anymore, no more

she found her way

one day, the sun shined little more

she followed her god given grace

she followed her own built rainbow

clothed in new desire

she did not uncover the wounds

her trembling legs were not silent

yet, she will not give up

not anymore, no more

A father’s prestige

Husband’s pride

she has burnt her dreams

infinite times, just to be with them

just to be herself

she world looked her sensible

she showed her strength

infinite times, infinite ways

he used her glory,

he ruined her innocence

but she denied

not anymore, no more

don’t make her feel disgraceful

by telling, she owes you

unless you paid her back

all pain, all labor pain

she writes million fortune.

by the way she moves

she will move around so many lives

and her eyes, speaks infinite language

that only few can get way

she has infinite silence to tell

let her..


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