have you got answer?

I wonder what has brought us here, to this planet, this round shaped thing? Who judged us, who sent us. Sometimes these questions cripple my mind to a good extent that I end up having a spiritual vision. Aren’t we all supposed to have same powers, same life, when we all have same interests and same questionairs? Where does all thoughts from our minds go? Are they just a piece of virtual memory in our heads? Do they keep some signifinaces?

I wonder if all these answers really have a processing system above or our prayers are shortlisted. Do we really create our lives or just a fake assumptions that is being played on a radio controlled world. The galaxy, the appreciations, the variations, we are so much engrossed up here, without fear, with fear, without any goals, or with some of them. We are naturally living, living our parts. The decided parts, then why is there so much complaints? When we, ourselves have choosen this living, why is there so much crying for lack, even with having so much with us. Where is this gratitude part? Where does all these surround with?

Aren’t we supposed to be thankful?

I am thankful, because I know everything happens for something really good.

Thank you, your time and your vision to this blog means a lot to me.

Thank you, because sometimes being grateful for no reason is real living, isn’t it?


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