Will you marry me?

This early morning I woke up with an exciting idea in my mind. Normally that does not follow at normal days but during peer pressure of my extinct interests. I turned it to my cousin Mayank and wondered if he had some failing suggestion, and as he did I hung up.

I dwelled my mind a little and wondered if it was a real serious matter of my life. Like an decent engineer I played with some algorithms and statics of my life and reminded myself that I am already 20( such a huge figure for me), my best friends got married (I do not know how, I never had a thought that they were not gays). Strictly I had this huge plan in my mind to propose my formal best friend (this was the best thing I could do to myself right now).

I jumped to my elder brother and he had this huge critic laugh, handling this to my sister in law who at least had little suggestion for me, churning little with her stomach( at least she did not laughed at me, I guess).

After scratching every where I could, I was left with one of my only life system (not shilpa but tulip). We talk a bit less, she sounds so mature often, and it hurts.

I called her up, and through this before she could give this huge list of miseries she was going though at her in laws (Punjabi in laws, sweet poppers, as she believe this), “do you think I should get marry.”

“off course you should, then you will be scratching your utensil late night after every one had their supply for tons of unsaturated fat, you cannot speak, it is a kind of wonderful suicide you commit with your hands without even knowing you are doing that” I hung up.

Bad idea, I tried every possible thing to hang around my thought, conditionally I then went directly around Samay(my formal best friend), someone who flaunts my dream husband, kind hearted, understanding, caring and off course my partner in crime, crimes that I did and he navigated me whole our school life saving me with some secret excuses(one of which was, she is just a kid, she will understand that soon).

So here he was, black tiger, sweating white skin, wonderful aura and lovely vibration, all that I remember was, I asked him “if we can get marry a little earlier.”

All he said was “off course once you stop growing up like this”.

Still wondering, what that meant. We ended up having a pizza party.(where the hell the date thing is?


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