One day everything will make sense


Because everything happens for something really good

Because there is always someone somewhere in this big universe who wants, you to be happy forever

Because there is always a new beginning after an end

Because we can be, do anything we want to

Because we always have a new day to be grateful for

Because this is not an end, no relationship can break us, if they could not make us

Because you are one of your own kind

Because smiling is the only reason you should smile

Because happiness is not dependent on other people’s appreciation

Because you are beautiful and you know that

Because your smile gives life to someone in this whole world, if nobody then yourself

Because you have got internet, talent and law working behind you to attract this post

Because god always helps pure minded and pure hearts

Because god is no other that you, yourself watching over everything

Because love is the greatest force in this whole universe to bring you out of this situation, toxic relationship and hatred

Because you are one of your kinds…

Loving you at this moment of time may sound silly, why should I love myself? What these sentences really mean? Don’t love myself? This is foolish, I love myself, who the hell in the universe decides this?

All I know that things are falling apart and all I want is a ray of hope, but where does this come from, where in this whole universe is the tree of love?

There are certainly so many questions and not a single answer seems to appear, all I need to do right now is to let go and let god.

But I do not believe in god, I prayed a lot, where the hell this god thing is in it?

I prayed for a wonderful loving and honest relationship, and I can’t change anybody, but myself. Since I prayed I will get, this attitude sounds real dumb right now.

One day everything will make sense.


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