Have you seen her, when she is totally ignorant, quite and do not wants to talk to anyone. She is not rude, she is being herself sometimes. She does not understand that but I guess somewhere I do understand it. Her constant emotional turn over, suddenly a mood swing all are just perfect reason of being her house wife. Since my childhood I have been watching her handling each event occasionally all alone. She never demands help but she really seeks one. Arranging and disarranging she has arranged a huge family so far.

On a silent morning I thought today was a jackpot; I can grab refrigerator and early morning ice cream without brushing my teeth. Oh sheet, what that ghost on the roof. I knew I am a coward but I sank on the moment watching a stranger walking in front my eyes.

“Mom are you kidding me, you aren’t asleep?”

She hasn’t, I knew. When I went to bed she was cleaning kitchen and my extra marital eating’s. Now at morning 3, she is wondering alone. What is the thing she was searching for? I have no idea and I do not have my instinct guts to ask her what made her so bothering.

Along the way I grew up and couldn’t figure out what made her so angry in little things, why do she shouts like a rock star without reason, and I grew up as a teen. Soon after us, both were out of control and never talked to each other about that.

Whenever we think of each other we think of all wonderful clashes and hurtful conversations and hence love never resides between. All that needed then was a conversation, not with each other but with ourselves to understand that life is little not that rude to neglect on our busy schedules, not that arrogant not to understand what was not being understood that time.

With age we both developed serious mental illness and sacrificed the peace, together we never built that relationship which was most needed. We ended up governing each other’s mistakes and what we did not took concern for. A happy little family turned rascal black and none of us knew reason for it.

People laughed at our sudden turn over, they were happy watching us unhappy and we still couldn’t understand who did it. Today when I look back I see no body’s mistake but a little non concerning attention we forgot to put. Life is beautiful now, because now both of us has come over out mental sickness of not forgiving each other and today we share a beautiful bond like no mother and daughter had ever shared.

What we did?

We revised our past, we went on olden days and turned every evil eyes to their own and little mischief turned out to be really funny, now everybody else who laughed at us, we laugh at them.

World is round, watch for your turn defenders.


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