heart or brain? choose wisely ;)

Heart is the signal machine that produces valid vibration frequencies that very few of us are notified about. The reason mind always neglects your heart frequencies to reach the mind sensory area is that it knows the reality will never accept what your heart desires the most. Consider some of daily life consequences to follow up the answering machine, relate some coffee dating or handling provided custom-ed business or professional quest. Your heart will notify which your body needs the most that is to –relax a bit. But your mind will never pass the signals to answer your verifications for it.

You will simply lose your mind before you accept heart and this way most of your time the mind wins to your judgement. We are so habituated to answer the realities that we are forgetting the most important part of our life that is the imagination. It is where we come from. We plan and imagine but we do not accept and imagine and plan. The route is the same way doubled wrong. We know it is correct but is it really?

Pardon me if it is not in your judgmental counter part because your mind knows it is all true but it will not accept it because once you accept facts of your heart your conceptual mind will shut up to the extent that you may lose sociological conversation with the rest part of your brain.

If you ask yourself you will know your heart provides you better option that makes and keep you happy and energized all the time.

We have geeks, hard workers and many more of money builders, we need some peace makers and you could be the one if you really ask your heart about what do you want.

By the way if your exam is next due when you read this send heart to sleep because it never wants the competition to follow you, sometimes you need to make decisions.

Till happy fighting between them 😉


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