Miracles Do happen, Believe in Them

And I guess, my dream to have a Rapunzel Hairs will be coming true soon.

Retired and dried that day went as usual, and there was still a mesmerizing hope longing to come u but the faith granules have been vanishing with each drop of hot weather outside and the inside. The air conditioner gave up and quarrel my pet birds were making were frightening.


It was the moment of judgement and when they came it was a moment of acceptance. I grew on the paradigm and was wondering quite hard to restore the magnificent luxury of soothing the ultra-vanishing moments of my precious life. it wasn’t the way I decided but I wonder it is exactly how god decides for you.

Long before when there was a moment of quarreling or offsetting the goals my hairs had gave me a long run help, folding, designing, coloring or styling were more soother then spending time and money on shopping. It wants a normal day when I saw my long hairs got cut to half due to the splits. There was the time I remember when my hairs were being cut for extra pressures I put, every my anger and frustrations were loaded and handled by them; I had no other close then them. That was the time I realized, what I was losing. Not only some pieces or strands of hair but also my companion, my relationships were on turmoil and I almost had a breakup, eventually my hairs left me that night at parlor. I came out and out on a wish “If ever a miracle could happen and I could re attach those moments when there was gradual splitting in my life, if ever one miracle could happen and I could get back my old life, bring it on, attach of bring it on more of God, Please, Listen, Love you and amen”

images (1)

Here was significantly long years of wait and there was no natural product, neither treatment which could bear my load to long hairs, it was like earth has splatted into two big areas, they could have filled it with rocks and mountains too but who is going to fix my own life and it’s splits?


Then a day, Indi blogger gave me a hope, a ray that seemed to be an answer to my prayers.

Miracles do happen, if you believe in them. Y hairs are living. Thank youTresemme

, You are an angel to my broken life, many blessings and Thank you so much.



Note: This Post is written under Tresemme Split end rescue, Indiblogger


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