It was a Prayer heard


Interestingly the voice always comes from within, intuitions and solidification. We all go through a moment certainly in life that becomes a traumatic behavior for rest of the life. All going to the trespassing life situations there was something missing. There wants a clue for clueless ventures of my life and there was missing something, it was missing a life. There were so many voices and pitches following that day but it want what my ears wanted to hear. It was equally irritating as equally it looked .that different day everything was seemingly different or was I trying to make a difference? I had no clue for this restless feeling turning tornado every now and them, then I emphasized on what I wanted because may be it is the reason I was feeling unheard that day so lately.



You surprisingly will not believe me if I say I was feeling hopeless because it is not what I show, maybe that’s why nobody ever saw it. To contrary my mind searched for different parallel dimension where it can rest and survive. The world outside is so fascinating that you sometimes get confused with what real here. It isn’t the hakka kabab that makes me go mad sometimes isn’t the veg and non-emotional freak wars. I just wanted something or someone to make me believe that there isn’t any fairy-tale anymore, I must admit it. Then I realized something, just because few never believed in miracles and those few lives in abundant around me, I shouldn’t stop expecting, maybe that’s the way I make a difference to this emotionless, cheaters, those cry when get cheated, not because there were hurt but because their ego is. They certainly do not understand that understanding is so important and thus it is the action they go hand in hand and thus they do not try to be convincing what I mean by real emotions of their true self and feeling. It wants the appropriate feeling I was dealing with. It wasn’t that one feeling I was talking about, it wants the only thing I was worry about. There were so many, sign and designs those were bothering me. My life was missing my own attention, because I was busy giving attention to what it wants working and as energy flows where the attention goes. I was so careless about myself that I miscarriage my own hairs for long and then they died. I did not even realised when my hairs went from hairs to bushes. It missed the life. Every now and then we require life forces and these life forces are given to us by fruits and nature, there so much to explore in the universe and yet we love to explore where luxury lies. Why do not we understand that luxury is within, in the feeling? It is not about others but It was about myself, my own likes and dislikes. My life was engaged and so were my actions. It took me a lot of time to understand what I expect from life, because my expectations were continuously moulded by my family’s expectation and then I realized “it is me, to decide what do I want? Is it a pay job or a job where I pay people, is it a life with ifs and buts or the ifs and buts I create, it wasn’t that easy” Unlike that day, when I discovered new sun silk recharge in television add and like a hungry dog I wanted to taste something new for my hairs, after so much I had lost the faith in products for hairs or beauty. They sound so cheap and disgusting more often but this one had a different aura. I knew this is the one will work miracle for me. You won’t believe, just after I applied it, my life is fulfilling, I am coming to know so much about myself. I did not even know I had beautiful hairs before this, because none of the product ever made me believe this. Thank you for bringing back ME to myself.





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